about #writeachristmascard

This is the third edition of #WriteaChristmasCard, an annual affair to remind everyone how wonderful it is to receive a card from someone you care about; how a simple handwritten message can put a smile on their faces & let them know how important they are to you.

How this works is simple. If you'd like a beautiful christmas card to send to someone you care for, simply enter your valid email address by pressing the 'green button' and we'd mail one out to you, simple as that! Whilst we'd love to have an unlimited amount of cards to send out, we are really doing this out of our own pockets, so while stocks last!

It’ll truly mean a lot for some to receive a handwritten card, be it a simple hello or you are missed. What makes christmas special? You do, in every little way.

#WriteaChristmasCard is proudly brought to you by Factory 1611, a Singapore based Art & Design studio specialising in branding, business communication strategy, visual communication and fine art. Visit our Website or follow us on Facebook to find out more about the cool stuff we do!

Frequently Asked Questions

For more enquiries, do contact us via or through our Facebook page!

Do I have to pay for the card or postage?
Not a single cent! Christmas is all about giving, a Like on our Facebook page or a Share on our #WriteaChristmasCard project would be nice :)

How many cards can I request for? Is it limited?
We are only sending out 1000 cards, and because of this limited amount, we can only send out 1 package to each request.

I do not reside in Singapore, can I receive a card too?
Of course! As long as the mailing address is valid, Santa will definitely get it to you wherever you are!

When are the cards given out till?
We’ll be giving them out till 16 Dec 2017, so there is ample time to mail your card from our package to your loved ones! Do also check back for updates.

My card is not here yet!
Santa is working at top speed to get the cards out to you. Do ensure the mailing address you’ve submitted is correct! We are not responsible for any missing or stolen mails by gnomes.

How are the cards sent out?
Standard mail for local (Singapore) and Standard Airmail for international.

Are the cards (past & present) for sale?
If you’re interested to purchase them, do drop us an email or follow us on our Facebook page for more updates!


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